AUG Merchandise FAQ
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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I pay with a credit card?
  • Yes; after proceeding from the "View Cart" screen, you will be prompted to log in to Paypal on the right-hand side of the screen. It is on the left side of this screen that will allow you to use a credit card.
I did not receive the item that I purchased.
  • You should have received an email verification from Paypal as soon as you made your purchase. Please make sure that the paid amount has been removed from your Paypal account in your Paypal history. The person recieving the money (Krash,US;CaveyJNR,UK) will have also received an email saying that the payment has been received. Please PM Krash here or CaveyJNR here to resolve this issue.
I accidentally made a purchase that I did not want to make.
  • Please pm Krash here if you are in the US or CaveyJNR here if you are in the UK. This must be done in a timely manner in order to ensure that the items haven't been shipped out yet. If the items have already been shipped, you may be responsible for paying the return shipping on the items. Other than that, you should have no problems getting your money back.
I don't live in the US or Europe.
  • Please pm Krash here if you are nearer to the US or CaveyJNRhere if you are nearer to UK. They should be able to give you a quote on the additional shipping costs to ship to you. There may be none depending on the distance from the shipping location.
My item is the wrong size/color/name.
  • These situation will be handled on a case-to-case basis. PM Krash here in the US or CaveyJNR here in UK. If you placed the order incorrectly, you will be responsible for the additional shipping costs to have your item replaced. If the mistake was made on the shipping side, your item will be replaced for free.
Please direct all other questions to Krash here or CaveyJNR here.