All of this material is, of course, up for discussion. Express your concerns and suggestions in the forum.
Teamspeak Rules
I. Disrespect
  1. All players will be respectful and respected.
  2. Constant flaming and name-calling will not be tolerated.
  3. These servers are expected to serve players of all ages, and therefore, you will act accordingly.
  4. Use your brain when choosing your words. Anything is permissible as long as no one in the room is offended.
  5. Discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, political preference, or gender will have consequences.
  6. Disrespect towards moderators will carry stronger consequences than disrespect towards other players.
  7. Any name that a moderator finds offensive or against policy will be subject to change. The language policy applies not only to chat, but also in display names.
II. Creating Channels
  1. Creating channels is a right reserved strictly to server administrators.
  2. Registered channels will not be created without owner or teamspeak coordinator permission.
III. Registering
  1. You must have a microphone to register. Period.
  2. Mysterious or unknown users will be questioned by a SA before being allowed to register.
IV. NameChanging
  1. Please keep your name as it appears in-game or as registered. Constantname-changing is becoming an issue that will be dealt with.
  2. SA's have the final say in all issues regarding the enforcement of this rule.
V. Rights
  1. U - This means that the person has not registered with our teamspeak server.
  2. R - This means that the person has registered with our teamspeak server.
  3. CA - This means that the person is a Channel Administrator. CA's will be respected and obeyed. CA will only be given out after SA discussion.
  4. SA - This means that the person is a Server Administrator. These are the "gods" of teamspeak. Their decisions are final.
  5. V and AV - This tag is required in Moderated channels. They can be given by SA or CA. This right can be refused to any person who is being disruptive.
  6. O and AO - The AUG teamspeak will not use these tags. They will be removed if given.
  7. Rec - This means that the person is recording the conversation. Recording my only be used by SA's. SA's may only use Rec when recording meeting or business-based discussions. Any person recording that isn't an SA in this situation will be kicked.
Forum Rules
  1. You may not disrespect other members.
  2. You may not curse/swear. This includes the username, anything from other websites, or any material in your profile. Please remember to keep your name appropriate.
  3. You may not be in violation of ANY law. Legal actions may be taken.
  4. You may not post copyrighted materials in which you have no consent from the owner.
  5. You may not spam, flood, advertise, pyramid scheme, or solicite.
  6. You may NEVER use another member's account to post messages or browse this forum.
Please note that we are not responsible for the content of posted messages. The messages express the views of the author and not necessarily of the community. Anyone who feels offended in any way of a post may contact an administrator if they feel they need to. We, as admins, hold the right to remove objectionable content if we feel it is needed. We also hold the right to reveal your identity (or any information we have about you) in the event of legal action needed to be taken due to a post by you. With every post, your IP address is recorded, if you need to be banned or we need to contact your ISP. This will only happen in the event of a major violation of this agreement. Also, please note that the software places a cookie which is ONLY used to keep you logged in/out; the cookie is used for nothing more. Check Here for>>Full Details
Administrative Guidelines
I. Forum Activity
  • Forum activity is an absolute must in order to run successful servers. Any moderator showing inactivity on the forums may have their rights revoked. It is of utmost importance that the modteam is united in all aspects. This can not be accomplished without communication.
II. Setting an Example
  • Each moderator's words and actions are a direct example to other players. How can we expect players to respect our rules when the moderators don't? Also, as a moderator, you are a representative of this community on every game, forum, or teamspeak that you take part in.
III. General Behavior
  • As stated above, the moderators are subject to the same rules as everyone else. There are no exceptions. If anything, moderators will suffer more harsh punishments than the general player population. You are to act exactly as the term states. Moderator. Someone who moderates situations. You are in-game to maintain peace and order, not be the source of conflict and chaos. Any person kick or banned should be able to search these rules and find their infractions or have it pointed out to them by a moderator.
CoD4 Server Rules
  1. Respect all players (incl. beginners), no racism of any kind.
  2. No swearing, name-calling or profanity of any kind, in any language!
  3. Racism of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate BAN.
  4. Work as a team and try to play to the game type
  5. No cheating, exploiting or glitching of any kind.
  6. No message spamming in game.
  7. No recruiting, advertising or spamming of websites or servers, the server is no place for advertisement and will result in a BAN
  8. Do not ask people to leave the server to play your private game.
  9. Playing on our server is a privilege, not a right.
  10. Play fair and honourable this is the best way to play
  11. Always comply to admin requests. Ignoring administrators will result in a kick or ban.
  12. Bans are taken seriously and do not get reversed, unless there is a special circumstance.
  13. If you have a problem with someone in game, notify a member of the admin team.
  14. Constant deliberate team Killing may result in a kick or ban (so use Marty & Grenade launchers with care).
Have fun and enjoy the server. Remember the server does not populate itself so as a community remember to play.