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Renegade X Lastest Multiplayer Update 3/14/2013

Renegade X Lastest Multiplayer Update 3/14/2013

11 years ago, on February 26th 2002, Westwood Studios and EA Games released the original C&C: Renegade. In 2009, Renegade X started as an acclaimed MOD for Unreal Tournament 3, with beta releases in 2009 & 2010. In 2013, Renegade X will be a 'free' 'independent' Multiplayer game. Currently there is a standalone version of Renegade X as a free 2-hour singleplayer.

The new Multiplayer release will have completely new upgraded graphics, almost as good as Battlefield Bad Company 2. Look at the new version screen shots at: -=<( Click Here )>=-

Until the new multiplayer is released in 2013, here is the Link for downloading the free indie 2-hour singleplayer mini-campaign, Renegade X: Operation Black Dawn (UDK), released in January 2012: -=<( Click Here )>=-

I have applied as a beta Tester, so I will provide more updates.

Nuke (Nuke'em til they glow)
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